…is a 4th grade teacher in Idaho. She has a BA in Exercise Science (because as an undergrad at Willamette University she was under the misguided impression that she needed to pick the major with the highest credit load in a subject that didn’t come easily or else she wouldn’t become a successful adult).  She finished her Master of Arts in Teaching in 2007 and started teaching that fall.

She has lived in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and now Idaho, and enjoys the outdoors. She also loves books, art, food, wine, running, fall leaves, photography, Mark Twain, high heels, old t-shirts, and traveling. Writing is the hobby she always wished that she put more time into, and now she is giving it a shot. Lindsey lives in a new house with her Boxer mix, Kenya, and likes to think that she is the alpha of her pack of two, but has her suspicions that Kenya might have the same idea.


3 Responses to “Lindsey”

  1. Your audience demands more pictures.

  2. Stumbled across this – guess what we just finished in AP Stats – Correlation! Sorry to hear Stats wasn’t one of your favorite subjects in high school but glad to hear I’m in the “not a bad teacher among them” group. Jay (Mr.) Schauer

    • What a pleasant surprise!
      I haven’t kept up my writing lately, as you may have noticed, but I have great plans to start again. Glad to hear that you are still at WHS, and teaching stats now as well?? Hats off to you.
      I will be back in Oregon (perhaps permanently) early this summer. Maybe I will try to swing by school before you’re all out. Thanks for saying hello.

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