Don’t Call it a Comeback

(Thanks LL Cool J.)

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the post I would write when I came back to my blog. And the more I thought about it, the more intimidating it became. What kind of reason would legitimize months of silence, or a year of silence, or two years of silence? Something ridiculously awesome, or perhaps horrifying?

I decided to make it a more interactive experience:

What Have I Been Up To?   The True or False Quiz

1) Kenya and I are preparing an agility routine for America’s Got Talent.

2) This summer’s travel adventure took me from Alaska to Scotland in less than 24 hours.

3) I started raising dairy goats, and selling a small line of artisanal goat cheese.

4) I’ve been fostering cats and kittens for the Humane Society, as a sort of “Crazy Cat Lady Practice Run.”

5) I went to an International Job Fair and accepted a teaching position, in Cairo. It’s been a rough start.

6) I focused my writing effort on finishing a novel, and am now working with an editor.

7) I quit my teaching job and ended up living in a van, down by the river. You were right, Matt Foley.

8) Running now takes up most of my free time, and I will be competing in my first ‘Ultra’ next month.

9) I started a photography business, and got to be in the press box for the runway at Boston Fashion Week.

10) I celebrated the dreaded 30th Birthday with a beautiful tattoo.









1) Nope. Kenya’s agile. I’m not.

2) True. Amazing trip:  Boise –> Portland –> Anchorage –> Kenai Peninsula –> Homer –> Anchorage –> Portland –> Glasgow –> Inverness –> London. Lots of photographs. I plan to make you look at all of them. You’re welcome in advance.

3) Sadly no. But, I think this would be an excellent plan. Let me be clear, I LOVE goats. Especially miniature goats. They make me serenely happy… jumping around and Maaaa-ing. The main problem is that I don’t want to actually do a lot of the work involved in raising goats. I’ll need to find someone else to do that. Or marry a farmer. But I’m confident that I could create some really cute packaging and labels for goat cheese.

4) Not exactly true. Mostly false.  I did foster one cat family for a couple of weeks. I  learned that the cuteness of a boxful o’ kittens is inversely proportional to the amount of feces that they leave everywhere except the litter pan.

5) I am not in Cairo. But, I did go to the job fair, and I almost took that job. The school director was really charismatic, and he assured me it was safe, what can I say.     Side note-  I’ve totally matured since the time that I didn’t not tell the army recruiter it was okay to come to my house in high school… if my mom hadn’t been there, that conversation probably would’ve ended with me signing enlistment papers because I felt bad saying no. This time Mom listened (without crying or yelling on the phone, to her credit) while I made my own decision, and look! Not living in one of the least stable places on Earth!

6) Worked on novel. Went to a writer’s conference. Pitched to editors. Had pages requested. Over a year ago. Have not sent them… Paralyzing fear of presenting a ‘finished product’ that could still be better. But I heard an editor say that she once had someone send pages five years after they’d asked to see them, so I figure I’m good.

7) A story for another day.

8) False. Since the Great Marathon of 2011, I believe I have participated in one 5k, maybe two. But I’ve started running a little again. I’d really like to get back into it seriously, if only it involved… less running.

9) True. I’m enjoying this little photography venture… babies, and families, and cute pregnant bellies. There is nothing tough or cool in admitting that I really love newborn photography, but I’m getting over that. Plus, antique/thrift/etsy shopping while playing a game called “Could I Put a Baby in It?” is super fun. Baskets, boxes, suitcases, bowls. You just never know! (However, it was recently brought to my attention that if i were a guy, the name of that game would have a very different connotation and would probably get me arrested.)

10) False. I chose not to turn 30.

So yeah… This is the anticlimactic non-comeback (I’ve been here for years). I didn’t have a good reason to stay away, and I don’t have a good reason to start it up again. As it happens, I just have an excess of free time right now and I need to channel the energy somewhere. Really, it was blogging or ordering pygmy goats online.

miniature goats, Pygmy goat

Copyright Lindsey Corey, 2013

Baby goat, I love you.


~ by Lindsey on September 10, 2013.

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