Excuse Note

Dear Ms. Corey,

Please excuse Lindsey from all summer writing commitments or intentions. Her brain hurts.

This will be better for everyone, if you would like to have a successful year teaching.





P.S.~  Yes, Ms. Corey, that means I’m writing to myself, and no that’s not that weird! You are the formal and I am the informal. School got out May 25th, and we needed some time apart.

I think you’ll agree that the end of the year was a doozy. It seemed like a good idea to get away from school and recharge.

Oregon for a month or so seemed reasonable.

Yes, I planned to continue blogging with all my free time.

Where are all the posts I’ve written in the last two months you ask?

My dog ate them.

Our dog ate them?

No, you’re right, I shouldn’t blame Kenya, she’s been good. Hardly eaten anything this summer… except my next most favorite hat.

I dunno. I planned to write, I had a couple things I really wanted to write about. Maybe blogging felt too much like school.

I have been working on some other writing, but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I know it is important to view one’s work with a critical eye, but I seem to paralyze myself with doubt. Why, exercise science, oh why??  An MFA in creative writing would feel like a cozy blanket right now (yes, a blanket sounds nice. It’s Oregon. It’s 60 degrees out and drizzling). Instead, I think about all of the things I never learned how to do, in regard to crafting a story.

I might be ready to start blogging again. I’ll have my wild summer adventures to share. Okay, not that wild. No, not very adventurous either.

In fact, I might not be ready yet, not until school resumes. That’s not for another month. And no, I’m not ready to talk about school yet.

I have this excuse note for you in either case.

I can probably get a parent signature on it if I need to.

Hope you’re having a good summer!

I’ll be back soon.




~ by Lindsey on July 13, 2011.

One Response to “Excuse Note”

  1. Summer just doesn’t lend itself to blogging (and I’m sure that’s an even more accurate statement when you’re a teacher), but do come back soon. I stumbled on this blog awhile back and I’m convinced it doesn’t get better than this.

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