A Day No Weeds Would Die

I spent my Saturday doing all those outside things that many homeowners do every Saturday… I, for one, did not find this enjoyable. I guess I’m pleased with how it looks now… but I am very aware of how temporary that is. By next week (the week after) I  will have to do it all again.

I went out around 9:00 this morning, and watered my cute little planter boxes of marigolds (I almost killed them once already, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now).

Then I planted two azaleas in the front. I think I essentially planted them in sand. We’ll see how that goes.

After that, I started pulling dandelions. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my yard if overrun with dandelions. It’s bad. I’m sure my neighbors despise me. I don’t understand how everyone else’s yard looks fine… I guess they don’t have a problem spraying for weeds.

I just can’t bring myself to spray my weeds. I try to be pretty conscious of the products I buy, I’m not extreme… but you’d probably find 50-75% organic or partially organic stuff if you started going through my kitchen.  It would be a bit hypocritical of me to go gangbusters with the pesticides in the yard, just out of convenience. I have the canal right there in the back, and the ducks (and their stinkin’ cute little babies) and red-winged blackbirds are always hanging out. If only I hadn’t been raised by a crazy environmentalist hippie… *Sigh*

So I spent the morning trying my best to uproot the dandelions. I have been told that they will grow right back unless you get the whole root. I think the dandelions have also been told this, and began to evolve accordingly. You know how they say cockroaches will survive nuclear winter and have the earth to themselves? Yeah… I’m thinking the dandelions will be right there with them. Mmmm. Cockroaches and dandelions. …And I think to myself… What a wonderful world…

So, most of the dastardly weeds snapped off right at the surface. I could have watered the ground more first, or gone after them with a shovel. But, it looked a lot better at least! And let’s be honest.. I was the kid who cleaned her room by shoving the mess under the bed or in the closet, and calling it a day.

By the same logic, I only did this for the ‘front lawn’ part of the yard. The rest, I planned to feed to the lawnmower. Oh lawnmower… how I hate you. My palm heels feel bruised and my arms are sore. I can barely type this to complain to you about it!  It is mostly just the ‘bowl’-shaped side yard, and perhaps the fact that the grass was so long near the canal that Kenya was getting lost in it.

More than two hours later I put the mower away, triumphant. Hot and sweaty, and cursing the high winds that scattered pinecones across one corner of the yard last night. Mowing over pinecones is probably not smart, but there were an awful lot of them, and I was running out of patience.

Once I finished, I got to move on to aesthetic stuff. I put a shepherd’s hook in to hang the birdfeeder on (thanks for the tip). It’s not tall enough, but we’ll see how it goes. I put the chairs back out in the yard, and the bistro table on the patio.  It did make me look forward to the summer.

Then I moved to the back of the house to plant vegetables in the raised bed that my dad built when he was out a couple of weeks ago. That turned out to be a little more hard work with the shovel than it was supposed to be.. I definitely got my workout in today.. but, it is far better than having no raised bed, which would be the case if I had been left to my own devices.

I planted sweet onions, a orange bell pepper and a poblano pepper, then planted seeds for edamame, green beans, and peas.  I have never grown anything from seeds before, or plants for that matter, and it will be a small miracle if sprouts come up from any of those. I will be wildly excited.

I still have squash and pumpkin seeds to plant.. but they need more space and I need to plan that out first, and the strawberries and raspberries are now awaiting planting on the safety of the patio because around 3:30 it looked like another storm was coming and I moved everything in. I also got sunflower seeds (to plant, not the delicious dill pickle flavored ones) and I haven’t figured out where to put those.

I think I might be getting a visit from Mom next week, and maybe she’ll feel like sharing some of her vast gardening knowledge… Except for, “It’s too late to plant peas.” Because I already decided that if I want badly enough for them to grow, then they will. I know they will!

We're waiting, Margie!


~ by Lindsey on May 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “A Day No Weeds Would Die”

  1. For some reason reading this reminded me of that summer we decided to make extra money by ‘cleaning’ up your parent’s yard-painting the fence, washing windows, cleaning the deck, and the attempt to clean what had once been known as a hot tub, but had transformed into it’s own ecological system… So needless to say those images in addition the one of you pushing a lawn mower are making me laugh out loud this morning. Thanks for the laugh and causing me to reminisce over our ‘childhood’ days 🙂

  2. You did so much work and it all looks great! I know that dandelions are considered weeds by most of the American population but I beg to differ! LOL
    Oh, how I miss dandelions! I am in Texas now. I see very few of them now.
    I stumbled upon your blog looking for even more info on the Dandy Dandelion!

    I wrote an article about them and I, do believe, that I hold them in much higher esteem than I did last week (before my research).
    In case you are interested – here is the link: Oh, Those Dandelions!

    I also found some wonderful recipes. If you want to do something wonderful with the blossoms and leaves feel free to take a peek: Dandy Dandelions

    I just learned how to make coffee from the roots — I will post that soon!

    • Thanks Peggy!

      Hah, I definitely remember liking dandelions as a kid.. and making wishes and blowing on the puffs! I hadn’t thought about their edible properties, thanks for the reminder! I will check out your recipes, and thanks for the link.

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