Resolutions: Because who doesn’t like self-imposed guilt?

I made a couple of New Year’s Resolutions this year. I am not a big ‘resolution’ person in general. I don’t trust myself with that kind of willpower. However, I am leading the Wellness Group at school, and I wanted to set a good example for goals.  So, now that I’m past the one-month “Honeymoon Phase,” if you will, I thought I would take a minute for serious, honest reflection on how they are going.

#1   Giving up diet soda

I don’t drink a lot of soda, but I was drinking more than I should have been… tasty, tasty carbonated caffeine goodness. I don’t really care for regular soda enough to worry about it, maybe a root beer on occasion, but that’s about it. The problem was the artificial sweeteners in the calorie-friendly versions.  The more I read about the negative effects, the more guilty I felt. Today Diet Coke, tomorrow heroin, for all the good it was doing me.  So I drank the last soda in my fridge, and declared myself finished- cold turkey.  I thought about taping a note to the remaining soda, like “For Emergency Use Only” but I was afraid that would only end in tears.

I’ve been going strong. Cursing my co-workers under my breath when I hear the satisfying clunk of a soda hitting the vending machine door during lunch, but still strong!  I wish I liked iced tea more. But water is good for me… *Sigh*

So, last weekend I fit in a mini-vacation. San Diego for a three-day weekend with my friend Travis. I remembered not to get a soda on the plane, kinda strange, and I thought I was good.  Except after I got home, I had this nagging feeling, like it hadn’t been that long since I’d tasted the forbidden nectar, like I was forgetting something. And then it hit me.

We’d gone to a comedy club Saturday night, it was really fun actually, we laughed til ours faces hurt. But, the club  had a two-drink minimum with our free tickets, and without even thinking about it, I’d ordered my stand-by ‘rum and diet’.  Twice.   Oops.

I’m not going to say I failed and give up, just going to strike that from the record and keep on going.

#2  The Year of the Marathon

One or two of you may remember reading my lament on the Portland Marathon this fall. I really wanted to run it… but then, um, I didn’t train for it. Nowhere to point fingers on that one.

So, this time around, I decided to scare myself into it. I guess you could call it putting the cart before the horse, but I’m going with “smart financial choices.”

I registered for the Eugene Marathon before the registration fee increased on January 1st. “Try and get out of this one,” I told myself, “no refunds, sucker!”

So, now I have less than three months until the race date. I found a training plan that fit my schedule, and having been braving the cold to try to get my miles in (and by ‘braving’, I mostly mean pouting and grumbling).  I have missed some runs, and been short on some weekly totals, but I’m not panicking yet. I’m finally feeling pretty motivated- the weather’s getting better.

May 1st, I will be stumbling across the finish line at Hayward Field. Prefontaine’s track. Where better to run my first (and most likely my only) 26 miles?

Did anyone else make resolutions?? Are you sticking to them any better than me? (I really didn’t mean to drink the soda!)


~ by Lindsey on February 9, 2011.

One Response to “Resolutions: Because who doesn’t like self-imposed guilt?”

  1. not a resolution gal either, but i am going on 3 weeks strong of no caffeine. i’m not a big soda fan, but dammit, i do love me a latte. ah, well. is there caffeine in coffee ice cream?

    the one thing i did say on january 1st was that i wanted to have more patience this year, with jack. so far, well, i’m a work in progress!

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