Home Again, Home Again

I spent a lovely 10 days home with my family for Christmas. Had the best of intentions to continue blogging during that time… but there always seemed to be something more in need of my attention than sitting down at the computer.

I guess that means that if I had a family besides Kenya, or a social life, I might not have time to ramble about the silly things that happen to me at school and at home. So, I guess it’s lucky for the three of you that read this that I don’t.

I usually don’t enjoy coming back after being home for a long break, the house is still, and the silence is loud. I was expecting that Kenya would lessen that. I’ve missed her ridiculously, and I was cautiously optimistic that she’d missed me too. Although, based on the photo evidence I had of her cuddled up with her dog-sitting family, I was a little worried.

She seemed happy enough to see me (i.e. she jumped all over me), but once we got home she acted like the child picked up early from the slumber party. She flopped down dejectedly on her bed and sighed. She was very clearly saying, “Okay, you do realize that I’ve now had a taste of life with two kids, two parents, and two other dogs to hang out with. They are extremely fun. And you have been found wanting.”  She said all that. Mostly with her eyebrows. It hurt a little.

So I spent most of the night cuddled up on the couch with her. I’m hoping she’ll realize that it’s like the best of both worlds to get to be around other dogs and cats and people and children, but the freedom to not have to be with them always, without the slightest hope of a break when you need it. That’s what I tell myself at least. I should be capable of indoctrinating a canine.

The other amazing thing I got to do today (I mean that, honestly amazing) was to visit to my friend Amanda who got home from the hospital on Sunday with her beautiful new baby girl. I wished I’d been able to see her sooner, but it did give me another reason to be happy about coming back. I haven’t been around a new baby in a very long time. They are pretty miraculous.. I think it’s how everything is there in miniature. It wouldn’t be nearly as impressive or endearing if we had a tadpole or pupae-like phase.

I am going to miss Amanda being at school for the next while (I’ll avoid ranting about the absurdly short maternity leave we are allowed since it doesn’t affect me), but I have the invitation to visit until she gets sick of me.

I have another undertaking or two planned for the new year, things to keep my busy, but I will save those details for another day.

Time to prepare for school in the morning. So. Not. Ready.


~ by Lindsey on January 4, 2011.

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