‘Twas the Last Day of Classes

‘Twas the last day of classes, before Christmas break

not a student was focused, our smiles were all fake.

Their work had already been turned in with care

They knew that report cards soon would be there.

The children weren’t nestled all snug at their desks

The vision before me was…un-picturesque.

In the midst of the chaos, I had an idea:

I yelled “What’s the capital of- South Korea?!”

A silence descended and drowned out the chatter

I added, “And who can name each state of matter?”

Away to the bookshelves, they began a stampede

tore open the non-fiction, started to read.

(You might now be wondering, why would they care?

There is one detail I neglected to share.)

When first I questioned them, I held aloft

Miniature cupcakes, and let the smell waft.

Their faces lit up, so lively and quick

I thought, “If I let them, they’d eat til they’re sick.”

More rapid than eagles, their answers they came

I threw them more questions, to lengthen the game.

“The distance to Mexico?” “Spelling of gnu?”

“Forty one thousand, divided by two?”

“First names of the famous men, Lewis and Clark?”

“Author of  Narnia?” “The deadliest shark?”

I couldn’t keep up the wild hurricane pace

I was starting to get a bit red in the face.

So back to their seats, they literally flew

knocking over chairs, and slower kids too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard from the floor

Toe tapping, desk kicking (it’s hard to ignore).

As I drew in my breath and was turning around,

I stopped short of snapping, “How tight are you wound?!”

I plastered a smile on and called for their answers

(Their feet never stopped, they’re amazing chair dancers).

The cupcakes I balanced on the palm of one hand

It looked like I’d managed, this ending unplanned

Their eyes, how they twinkled, as I handed out treats

I almost felt guilty for bribing with sweets

I reminded them, “Please, use your heads, don’t go wild”

And like cats that ate the canaries they smiled.

They peeled back the paper, and sunk in their teeth

And the frosting encircled their mouths like a wreath.

It was pure cupcake carnage, too gruesome for words.

Especially when some had earned seconds, or thirds.

Then time for photos (camera quick, off the shelf)

I had laughed at their messes, in spite of myself.

A wink of my eye and a shake of my head

soon let them know they had nothing to dread.

I spoke not a word, except my “Say Cheeses!”

They all hammed it up, their dread frosting ‘diseases’.

Then pointing my finger straight back toward the sink

They started their clean-up, their speed made me blink.

We left the room spotless, all pleasant and cheery

They’d learned, but had fun, or that was my theory.

And I may have exclaimed, as their families drove by…

“Merry Christmas to all! Sorry ’bout the sugar high!”


~Lindsey, after school, on her own sugar high.

Happy Winter Break!













~ by Lindsey on December 22, 2010.

One Response to “‘Twas the Last Day of Classes”

  1. lindsey, i am just enamored by your talent!

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