One Room Down…

… several to go.

I got ‘mostly’ moved in months ago, but I left out the important extras. The wall art. The accessories. It made the house seem a bit sterile. It’s fairly new, done in warm neutrals, it’s definitely not bad, but it was lacking personality. Not that I have great style. I still value my (framed) concert posters as cornerstones to my decorating, but the bare walls were really pathetic.

So I got to do a some shopping last weekend. Paired a non-crazy Black Friday (we went out around 10 a.m.) with a couple of gift cards, and got some exciting adult-type additions for my living room.

I got a great rug at Target (thank you Annie and Diane), and a pair of bar stools for the counter (thanks Buffy and Gary).

The bar stools came in disturbingly small boxes. I was worried that putting them together was going to end up as a swearing-under-breath-pouting-throwing-pieces-type endeavor.

Which reminded me of this:

“Ikea Assembly Instructions”

I know, a little dark, but it cracks me up!

Lucky for me, it wasn’t that bad.

I got to work Sunday afternoon, cleaned the house, put the new rug down, “built” the two bar stools with no hassle, and hung the painting project from last week.

I think it’s hung a tiny bit crooked, and it’s really too small for the space  (trying to refrain from blurting “that’s what she said!”  Nope, had to do it).

I think the room looks alright.  I’ll probably change it around still. Plus, there is one missing piece. My fantastic handpainted mirror is still leaning against the wall. It’s red. It’s huge. And it weighs almost 40 pounds.  I hung it by myself in my last apartment, and it fell. I have a strong suspicion that it actually fell on my cat as he was trying to climb the bottom of the frame, but if he was nearly crushed he never admitted it.  Anyway, this is one of those times I will have to accept defeat as a strong, independent female, and wait for help… maybe next time my dad comes to visit, I will get the mirror up.

For now, this:

There ya go Mom.


~ by Lindsey on December 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “One Room Down…”

  1. the ikea directions are brilliant.

    and i’m glad the target g.c. helped out. can’t go wrong with target!

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