A Random Act of Thoughtfulness

I have to share something that made me happy today.

I got called to the office this afternoon, and like any of my students, I was a little nervous. Why the serious voice? Was I being sent to the principal’s office? Ack! What did I do?!

I walked up to the secretary’s window, and she was smirking at me. “Are you secretly engaged and didn’t tell us?”

“Not that I know of,” I replied without considering how weird that sounded. “Er.. I mean no, I know I’m not.” *Blushing*

I’m no good under pressure. I’m the kid who thought of the masterful comebacks 20 minutes after I’d been taunted. I’m a writer, not a speaker!

There was a very pretty arrangement of flowers sitting on the counter. This did not help connect the dots for me. I don’t get flowers at school (or anywhere else, I might add, lest you think I prefer to get all my flowers delivered at home). Other teachers get flowers at school, for birthdays and anniversaries, or for no special reason. They have husbands who feel obligated to do this delight in doing this. Have I mentioned that I am the only unmarried person in my school? I’ve had co-workers apologize genuinely for calling me “Mrs.” by accident. Are they worried that I might be offended or perhaps crushed by the reminder of my marital status?

The secretary (whom, by the way, I am not being insensitive toward, title-wise. I’ve tried calling her an administrative professional. I won’t make that mistake twice.) slid the flowers over to me.

Finally, I dared to look, and my name was on the card! I opened it and discovered the flowers were for my birthday, from a good friend. My I’d-probably-take-a-bullet-for-you-and-I-think-you’d-do-the-same-for-me. At one time, my I’ve-stolen-the-bread-van-and-I’m-chasing-Michael (if you’ve seen My Best Friend’s Wedding).  Since we met as freshmen in college (10 years ago!) we’ve dated and broken up more than once, been angry enough to go months without speaking, more than once, and have still managed to settle into a friendship that spans miles and time, and occasionally keeps us both sane. This was an unexpected surprise, to say the least, and one of those times it was very nice to be remembered and appreciated. Not in a romantic way, just the perfect ‘out of the ordinary’ gesture.

Thanks friend, you made me smile.

Even if my kids guessed that the flowers were from Mrs. Puckett across the hall.

No distance of place or lapse in time can lessen the friendship of those who are truly pursuaded of eachother's worth. ~Robert Southey



~ by Lindsey on November 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “A Random Act of Thoughtfulness”

  1. Happy birthday! Great flowers!

  2. yep, it’s the little things that make life worth living. today, jack told me to “get closer” as i was laying next to him reading. if i would have “get closer” i would have been laying on top of him. it melted me. and linds, what a beautiful arrangement. lucky girl.

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