10/10/10: An Echo of Aesop

I fell asleep last night to the pattering drum of rain on the roof, and woke to the same.

Normally, this makes me want to pull the covers over my head and  spend the day alternately sleeping and grumbling (imagine a small bear, trying futilely to hibernate). I hate gloomy, rainy, gray days. I was visiting my parents in Portland for the weekend, and as happens without fail when I am home, the weather ranged from drizzling mist to temperate monsoon.

This morning however, there was one small, Grinch-y part of my heart that had a reason not to mind the rain.


The Portland Marathon.

I have never run a marathon. I have run three half marathons. Which means, really, I have run a marathon with just one break in the middle. One year-long break.

This, was going to be the year. What a perfect date! Especially for someone who really (really) likes even numbers. A guarantee that I would never forget the date of my biggest accomplishment. It was going to be perfect. I would like to tell you that I trained all summer. I poured myself into my workouts, and pushed myself on longer runs than I ever thought I was capable of. I had become the runner I dreamed I could be, when a devastating ankle injury put me out of the race.

But I’d be a big fat liar.

I got lazy. Running slipped further and further down the priority list until I realized it was too late to get in shape for 26.2 miles. Gutting out twice as many miles as I’ve ever covered when I was in shape didn’t sound like a fun Sunday morning. Plus I’ve heard it is no longer trendy to ‘gut out’ marathons. Training is all the rage. I sadly accepted the fact that I would not be joining the thousands of others for the greatest race date in history. But I still planned to go home for that weekend, and maybe to go watch.

When I heard today’s forecast, I truly felt for the racers. But  I was also thankful that I wasn’t going to be out there. I really hate rain, did I mention that? Evil Alter Ego Lindsey (henceforth known as Ms. Hyde; she will pop up from time to time) gave a self-satisfied laugh, and smirked at the brilliant foresight of our decision sit around and eat cookies.  “How pissed would you have been?” Ms. Hyde prodded, “How miserably wet and cold!”

I agreed vehemently (causing my lack of muscle tone to jiggle), and added that really the dangers of hypothermia after a race like that were too much. It would have been very irresponsible of me to intentionally risk illness by exposure. Ms. Hyde mumbled something about the race t-shirts also being ugly, and headed toward the kitchen to get some grapes… which were, of course, just out of reach on the top shelf of the refrigerator and quickly deemed “sour anyway.”

The Fox and the Grapes

Hats off, to all those who pounded 26 slopping, squishing, wet miles out of their shoes this morning!


~ by Lindsey on October 10, 2010.

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